We offer services which are tailored to suit your specific need as a brand and a business


VideoPoint will help you share every moment of your event as it unfolds. Our team of professionals have the technical know-how and experience to stream your events live in HD and more.


As you explore the world to find new discoveries, every moment count. Give us the opportunity to capture your moments with vivid clear videos, high quality pictures so you never have to miss out even when you did.

Corporate Video

For all those marketing videos, training videos and more. Let us be your one-stop company for all your corporate video needs. We value opinions of our clients which makes it easier for us to create videos appropriate for your corporate needs

Process is everything. We have our team of expert who can help you simplify the production process. We produce video with a well defined process

  • Conceptualize
  • Design
  • Produce
  • Publish
  • Whether its advertisment video, marketing video or any other kind of video, every video begins with a story. At VideoPoint, we work with our writers, collaborators to help you curate your idea into the right story; A story that's compelling and unique irrespective of the genre.

  • Production design is a huge component of the video production process. At VideoPoint, we have a team of experts that can help you create a perfect look and feel to match your video genre.

  • This is where the real work begins. With our state of the art equipments, we capture your videos in the best possible quality. We also work with our VFX team to add after effects to spice up your videos

  • Its not just enough to produce videos. We also have the infrastructure to help you publish your video to various social medias like YouTube and Facebook